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About Me

Gabe Garb

G to the A B E !

I have always loved music and my older brother was in a band that practiced at our house so I was able to get my hands on some drumsticks and fell in love immediately. I just knew that someday I will own a drum set. I must have been about  13/14 when I met a few kids that played the guitar and they needed a singer so I started writing lyrics and decided to sing my little heart out. Lol. together through a love of music and a passion for creating new music, we started a band!

What Inspires Me

All kinds of things inspire me. I am constantly writing ideas down when they come to me. It could be anything that jars an emotion or thought. Something that sparks an idea of some kind that could lead to a song.

A God fearing man who loves to create music.


I'm not a drummer.

I just love to beat on the drums.


I'm not a Vocalist.

I just love to yell and scream.


I'm not a guitar player.

I just love to play rhythm.

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